An Argument to Draft Sharrif Floyd... Really

The Lions are on the clock.  Joeckel and Fisher are gone, as are Dion Jordan and Ziggy Ansah.  Nightmare scenario, right?  While I'm sure Lane Johnson, and potentially Dee Milliner, would draw consideration in this case, it's doubtful either player would be at the top of the Lions' board.  Following their preached and practiced BPA (best player available) strategy, Sharrif Floyd could possibly be the pick.  I will now explain why this could be a great idea.

Obviously, there is the argument about replacing Suh in the future since we will be unable to afford him.  This, however, is not the reason I would like the pick.  Last year, Gunther Cunningham experimented with a front of Corey Williams, Sammie Lee Hill, Suh, and Fairley.  With Avril out of town and Jason Jones being named the new starting left end, it's clear that the Lions are looking for a different type of player on the outside.  Jones has positional versatility, size, length, and solid inside penetrating ability.

Enter Sharrif Floyd, who resides in the top three on most big boards right now.  He has played end and tackle, and is a relentless penetrator who is also strong against the run.  With Floyd at right end, the Lions starting front would consist of, essentially, four versatile and extremely athletic defensive tackles.  They could rotate positions pre-snap, and run various stunts to maximize potential mismatches.  This line would absolutely crush the pocket, while being much more effective against the run.  The addition of Floyd would also help with the Lions' constant D-line substitutions, as he and Jones have the ability to play inside to spell Suh and/or Fairley, while Willie Young and others come off the bench.  Imagine the freedom the linebackers would have behind a 1,175 pound D-line.   

With all of the strategic evolution happening on the offensive side of the ball these days, it would be pretty awesome to see the Lions roll out something this innovative on the defensive side.  Am I nuts?  Probably, but let me know what you think in the comments.