Draft Season

It is every Lions fans' favorite time of year again.  Our win-loss record has been wiped clean, and we feel a hint of hope as we look forward to yet another early selection.  While Mayhew's fate will be decided more by the development of previous draft picks this season than what happens next month, the Lions eight consecutive losses to close out last season have put them in a position to select an instant contributor.

As is the case with any team selecting in the top five that has an established quarterback, there are a litany of needs and a lot of debate regarding which are most pressing.  Obviously, the great majority of these questions will remain until the free agency period has come and gone.

If I'm the Lions, right now, the top of my board looks like this:

  1. Eric Fisher
  2. Luke Joeckel
  3. Ziggy Ansah
  4. Dee Milliner
  5. Dion Jordan
  6. Chance Warmack

If Mayhew manages to screw up this draft, which is deep in essentially every area of need for the Lions, it would be definitive proof that he is not capable of running an NFL franchise.  As far as I'm concerned, the Lions should grab one of the elite O-linemen up top, and then focus primarily on safety, defensive line, and corner for the remainder of the draft.

A final note: I know the notion of Reggie Bush in Detroit is getting a lot of fans and writers excited, but it's simply not going to happen.  He wants to play for a contender, in a large/flashy market, and be a lead back.  Which one of those sounds like it would be possible in Detroit?